Chris Hemsworth Thor Workout – Not As Hard As You Might Think

by admin on May 13, 2011

The Australian born actor Chris Hemsworth had already been seen in a few films before his role in Thor. However, the impact that he’s had since appearing as Thor has raised his profile greatly and the main reason for that is because of the amazing physique he has been able to build in such a short space of time.

He’s most well known role was probably in an Australian drama series called Home and Away. In that series Chris had a slim surfer dude physique which is totally opposite to the physique required for the superhero Thor.

He faced an almost impossible task off piling on over 20 pounds of rock solid muscle on to his slim frame in as little as 3 months. He couldn’t just eat anything, he had to make sure he looked awesome, so he had to be ripped as well as big.

Chris Hemsworth Workout – What did he eat?

In order to gain the amount of muscle mass that he needed to, Chris Hemsworth had to increase his calorie intake significantly. His diet mainly consisted of high quality proteing from foods such as chicken and eggs alog with supplemental protein from protein shakes.

The carbs he ate were all good clean low GI carbs and no those that raise the insulin and make you feel hungry after 20 minutes. It was also very important that he kept sugar consumption low and changed the recipes of his food so he didn’t get bored eating the same stuff daily.

He was essentially eating small meals every 2-3 hours rather than big meals that the body finds hard to digest and make full use of. He also had to make sure that he had intense workouts and had plently of sleep.

In an interview Chris Hemsworth mentioned that an important factor that most men usually forget when they’re trying to gain muscle mass is SLEEP. “All I did for the film was to eat, sleep and exercise”, he says.

What most people don’t realise is that it’s during sleep that the body recovers and grows and it’s also when alot of the natural human growth hormone is released. You’ve heard it from Chris Hemsworth direct, that trying to gain muscle mass without sleep and healthy eating habits will ensure only one thing and that is that you will FAIL.

The Full Chris Hemsworth Thor Workout

In order to get ready for his role as Thor and get the desired physique fast, Chris decided on training under the coaching of renowned personal trainer and fitness coach Michael Knight (not Knight Rider:)

He is well known for using unorthodox training methods that have proven to help his clients get into shape in quick time. These include kettlebells, tire flipping and suspension rope training along with a variet of other training exercises. These alternative training routines helped Chris train his whole body and achieve that massive ripped look.

You might think this workout was tailored specifically for athletes but the reality is that this type of training is great for real world fitness. If you just concentrate on weight training you can become very slow and the funtionality of certain exercises is only good for the gym and will not help you much in the real world.

The Chris Hemsworth Thor Workout is for those people who want to build an amazing physique but at at the same time a healthy body that can help in the day to day life.

Keep watching and we’ll be back with some more Chris Hemsworth Thor Workout tips in our next post.

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